From the Manufacturing Country – Japan to the World

Our parent group company SIGMAKOKI’s manufacturing – colloquially known as Monozukuri – aims to bolster cutting edge optics technology in all aspects of everyday life. Thanks to the rich know-how we have cultivated throughout the years, Sigma Koki has developed and expanded a production system hallmarked by our state-of-the-art facilities that consistently produces high-quality, high value-add products. Stable and reliable Japanese Quality – this is a world-renowned quality we proudly and firmly uphold as we produce high precision products undoubtedly difficult to imitate or recreate. The adoption of Japanese Quality products with their high precision accuracy has been widespread across the globe, across various fields and industries in not only research and development, but also common manufacturing processes such as measurement, inspection, evaluation, production, and assembly.

Supporting state of the art research and development to further SIGMAKOKI’s challenge towards Monozukuri.

Take for example, our lens. In fusing optical design, machining, assembly, & other core proprietary technologies for laser processing, measuring, and equipment inspection purposes, we offer an extensive and diverse lineup of lens units that meet various needs such as magnification, wavelength adaptation, NA, working distance, etc.

Additionally, in order to further improve low scatter polishing technology and ultra high reflection thin-film technology amongst others, our company is also working on the development of high performing ultrahigh reflectance/low loss laser mirrors. These improvements are expected to lead to the higher performance and output of laser processing systems and interferometers associated in optical resonators that control and measure light wavelengths. It is already being utilized in large domestic and overseas projects. Not just used in FA industries, our objective lenses, lens barrels, microscope systems, etc., are also utilized for regenerative medicine.      

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