Optical Systems

Laser Processing

We offer both the system applications based on laser optical technology and the components in the systems as a unit products

  • Scan Optical System & Focusing Optical System
  • Processing Software
  • Key Components of Laser Processing
  • Variable Attenuators
  • Laser Diode Power  Supply

Optical Fiber Alignment

Combining motion control with our 'optics' and 'optomechanics' expertise makes it possible to build an automatic fiber alignment system.

  • Automated or Manual Optical Fiber Alignment System
  • Motorized or Manual 12 (6) Axis Optical Fiber Alignment Stages
  • YAG Laser Welding Automatic Alignment System (TOSA/ROSA/BOSA Assembling System)
  • Motorized Stage Controller with Alignment Software
  • Optical Fiber Components & Accessories

Microscope Units & Observation Units

We provide three different types of observation system. For the purposes of experiment or work, you can select an appropriate observation system.

  • Zoom Microscope & Option
  • Long Working distance Zoom Microscope
  • Observation unit with coaxial illumination & Option
  • Auto Focus (TTL type and External Type)
  • Objective Lens Positioners
  • CMOS Cameras

Bio Photonics & Life Science

Laser Optical Tweezers, Motorized Stage  System for Microscope are the products which were developed and commercialized based on our high production technologies in optics field

  • Micro Manipulation System
  • Laser Optical Tweezers - Mini
  • IR-LEGO Infrared Laser-Evoked Gene Operator
  • Shutter Systems for Microscope
  • Motorized XY Stage System for Microscopes (Bios-Light)
  • Motorized XY Stage System for Microscopes

Optical Analysis & Measurement

Utilizing our technologies in optical field and precision positioning field, Sigma Koki is able to offer the products which are adaptable to a wide variety of needs for diversified market.

  • APAS: Automatic Polarization Analysis System
  • Polarization component
  • Reflection Measurement Systems
  • Beam Collimation checkers with optical path compensation
  • Passive Beam Collimation Checkers
  • Beam Collimation Checker System

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