Observation Unit

Observation unit with coaxial illumination
Attaching the objective lens for a microscope, it displays an enlarged image on the monitor or laptop PC by using the camera. By using a compact barrel with ports for illumination, there is flexibility of installation, and it also can be incorporated into the production equipment such as a laser processing machine.
It is quite useful to observe the high magnification in particular.

Performance comparison between the observation unit with coaxial illumination and zoom microscope
Between the size of the subject can be observed and the working distance, there is roughly a proportional relationship. In general, by increasing the magnification, WD will be shorter.

The observation unit with coaxial illumination is better for the observation of a high magnification because it is possible to replace the objective lens and select WD and the magnification.
It does not have zoom function, but you can observe the fine structure of the sample in an excellent resolution.
However, when using the camera, it will be limited by the resolution of the camera and the monitor side.

The zoom microscope is inferior to the objective lens in the resolution, but by varying the magnification, it can project a size that is easily observed on the monitor.
For the observation size, there is no significant difference from the observation unit with coaxial illumination, you can select the very long WD.