Laser Processing

Laser Processing Systems Guide

Due to commercialization of the laser oscillators with high power and diversification in the field of semiconductor laser, femtosecond laser, and fiber laser, laser processing machines have been using not only for cutting and welding but also for various applications. In addition, by improving the beam quality, maskless processing has been expanding to the microprocessing field.

Laser Processing System as Production Equipment

  • There are several considerations to realize the stable laser processing.
  • They need variable attenuator for the stability of the laser output, laser beam expander for the light focusing performance,high power shutter for the safety of the operator, auto-focus unit for the correction of the focus position corresponding to the low-depth of focus at the time of the focused to the diffraction limit, and selection of the XY stage for good straightness.
  • In addition, in order to improve productivity, it needs a software that is high compatibility with CAD and good operability.
  • System production suitable for a certain purpose is requested.